Current Release Notes

Current Release Notes

KitConnect for Revit v3.4.1 - Revit 2022 Support

New Features

  1. Support for Revit 2022

Other Updates

  1. Unused family types now load into the module edit/staging document for easier access.
  2. Modules rotated on insert display original rotation when in edit mode.
  3. Values in the "Model" and "Description" fields are retained on module insert.
  4. Shared/nested families now queue during family publish when the parent is queued.
  5. Renamed families now appear correctly after republishing.
  6. The installer now correctly locates all Revit versions when initiating the install wizard.

KitConnect for Revit v3.4.0 - Project Design Efficiency

Several quality-of-life improvements for project designers in KitConnect for Revit v3.4.0 offer significant time-savings when inserting modules, browsing for content, and getting updated content.

New Features

Customized Get Updates settings

Previously, the Get [Selected/All] Updates command would perform a thorough audit of all elements to verify functioned appropriately.  For large modules or projects, this could be highly time-consuming.  New to this version, the Custom Update Settings dialog box offers flexibility, so project designers can sync models faster if they know only certain elements have changed. Any subsequent launch of the Get Updates tool preserves the preferred settings. For a description of each setting, hover over the checkbox for a tooltip, or read through the complete documentation.

New workflow for Insert Module, Switch Preset, and Switch LODt  for multiple instances

Completion time is considerably faster when inserting multiple modules, switching to a new preset, or switching to the default LODt. Rather than performing the insertion individually for each instance, KitConnect copies/pastes the inserted instance to all additional locations. 

Assign and manage option sets from the Kit Browser

Product designers now gain access to their option sets from the Kit Browser for quick modifications. Any applicable option sets found in the module editor have the option for assignment to family instances. 



  1. Modules containing assemblies now experience improved performance upon insert/update.

Kit Browser

  1. Faster loading times for most tabs.
  2. New quick filters are available for tags, versions, and other parameters.
  3. Users may input a category into the search bar to filter based on category.

Progress Dialog

  1. Improved behavior prevents the dialog box from appearing on top of other applications.

Module Publish & Update

  1. A new Open Editor option to the Publish dialog box offers a streamlined workflow.

Edit Mode

  1. The Module Editor now offers easier access to recently edited modules on the user's machine.
  2. KitConnect now switches back to a BIM 360 project automatically from the editor.


  1. Whitespace at the end of a project name no longer prevents the Content Manager from opening.
  2. The size of the bounding box now updates.
  3. The "Update Required" indicators in the Kit Browser are now accurate after using Get Updates.

KitConnect for Revit v3.3.0 - Materials Support

New Features

Publish Revit Materials To Your Content Library

BIM Leads no longer need to pre-load materials associated with KitConnect content into the Revit project at kickoff. When publishing a system type to the Content Library, any associated materials are also published. As designers load this system type into the project -either directly or as a module insert - the material loads along with it.  Load and view published materials directly from a new tab in the Kit Browser.

Transfer Materials Between Libraries Using The Content Manager

Transferring content between libraries using the Content Manager also transfers associated materials.  When queueing system types for transfer, referenced materials automatically queue, just like any other dependency. 

Track The On/Off Instance Parameters When Publishing Families

Families published by Kit Designers now track any instance parameters of type on/off by default.  Instances used in a published module maintain the on/off values upon insertion.

Added Support For The French Language

Oui ! The KitConnect ribbon and user interface automatically translate when Revit launches in French.


  1. Revised and added translations for German and Japanese.
  2. Improved the Kit Browser UI and added dynamic resizing behavior.
  3.  Prevented module locator family instance from being deleted & re-inserted when the level of detail is switched.
  4.  Prevented shared instances from being deleted & re-inserted whenever a module preset is switched.
  5.  Improved the family publish failure handling.
  6. Significantly improved performance of Get [Selected/All] Updates when MEP is used in modules.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed issue with families not updating if they contain a comma or period in their name.
  2. Fixed issue of wall instances that were copied and pasted in the module editor would get deleted after updating.
  3. Fixed Kit Browser issue where thumbnails of module presets disappear after updating once.
  4. Fixed Kit Browser issue of assembly names in the expander not loading correctly.
  5. Fixed issue in workshared projects where ownership of Shared Parameters and Project Parameters was taken whenever a family was inserted.
  6. Fixed Content Manager issue where "Name Already Exists" would incorrectly display in the FROM section for some module presets.

KitConnect for Revit v3.2.1 - Family Publish Hotfix


Added a message to alert users that unsupported families were not added to the queue
(Dynamo) Updated the "Publish Part" node to "Publish Family" instead

Bug Fixes

Fixed issue where users could accidentally publish duplicate families into their project
Fixed issue where duplicate published families would prevent the family publish dialog from opening
Fixed issue where the Content Manager would not open if the user did not have a role on one of their projects
Fixed issue where the Kit Browser would not display assemblies correctly
Fixed issue where duct system types would not update correctly in modules
Fixed issue where some families would not insert from the Kit Browser
Fixed issue where Kit Connect Web button would not take users to the correct URL
Fixed "Option Set" text in a few places
Changed "Shared Families [All/Selected]" button text to "Color Shared [All/Selected]"
(Web App) Fixed Issue where users could not rename Modules or Module Presets
(Web App) Fixed Issue where users could not see users to add in the Project Admin > Add New Member dialog
(Web App) Fixed Issue where some users could not be given a role on a project
(Web App) Fixed Issue where module preset quantities would not always roll up properly in the Project BOM
(Web App) Fixed Issue where the Connected Projects tab would not load properly
(Dynamo) Fixed issue where Update Module Preset node would not work properly

KitConnect for Revit v3.2.0 - Family Publishing

New Features

Streamlined Family Publish Experience   

To ensure that your users spend less time implementing and learning KitConnect, we’ve overhauled the user experience for publishing Revit families to your KitConnect Library. 

New Family Publish Interface

We’ve developed a new interface for publishing families (formerly known as “Parts”) to your kit. Families no longer need to be inserted into the document and selected for publish. Instead, the family publish feature will search your Revit document and allow you to publish (or update) multiple families at a time from an intuitive, searchable, and scalable dialog.


Support for Multiple Family Types

KitConnect will no longer break published families into a one-type-per-family structure – if you’ve spent time publishing parts in the past, you know what we’re talking about. Instead, families are loaded from the library exactly as they are published, with all types intact. When creating modules and assemblies, family types can be switched (as expected), using the native Revit type selector.


Support for Nested/Shared families

Any family that has nested subcomponents that are shared can now be published to your library, just like any other family. Adding a nested family to the publish queue will automatically add any shared subcomponents to the queue as well.

Renamed Some Functions   

To make KitConnect easier to understand for our Revit users, we’ve renamed the terms “Part” and “Part Set” to “Family” and “Option Set”, respectively.

Support for Revit 2021   

KitConnect can now be installed with Revit 2021. 

Multiple Content Manager Bugfixes 🐛

We fixed a number of issues with stability, errors, and accuracy reported in the Content Manager.

KitConnect for Revit v3.1.0

This update will only be available for accounts that have performed a database upgrade with the KitConnect team.  After September 1st, all trial accounts that have not reached out to us to upgrade their accounts may be at risk of losing their existing content.  For questions, or to schedule your upgrade, email

New Features

Track Instance Length Parameters📏

Kit Designers can now select Instance Parameters of type length to track when publishing parts.  When these parts are used in an assembly or module, all tracked instance parameter values will be maintained when the module or assembly is inserted.  


Better Performance for Upgraded Accounts 🚄

      Users that have upgraded their accounts (see alert above) will see up to 25% faster speeds during most functions.

KitConnect for Revit v3.0.1

New Features

🔖 Create Enterprise Libraries (Web App Feature)

Account administrators can create one or more Enterprise Libraries from the web application. Enterprise Libraries will behave just like regular projects, except that they can be accessed by Kit Managers to transfer Parts, Assemblies, Modules, Part Sets, and System Types into their projects using the Content Manager (see below).

🗄 Content Manager v1.0.0 (Desktop Application)

The KitConnect Content Manager is a new standalone desktop application that may be installed along with the KitConnect for Revit v3.0.0 addin.

Detailed Content Views

Users can see details of all Parts, Assemblies, Modules, Systems, and Part Sets, including thumbnails, version numbers, and other metadata. Each view has a basic search bar for filtering.

Transfer Content

Users with the Kit Manager role on their project can transfer Parts, Assemblies, Modules, Systems, and Part Sets from an Enterprise Library into their Project Library.  Once it's been transferred into the project, content can be modified and revised separately as the project's requirements diverge, without affecting the original Enterprise content.

Preview Dependencies

When the Kit Manager selects a component to transfer to their project, any content that it requires as a dependency will automatically be added as well. For example, if a module uses three different system types, those will appear in the transfer queue when the module is added.

Save and Reload Queue

If the Kit Manager closes the application before the publish has been triggered, the queue will be saved, and can be reloaded the next time the application is opened.

Populate Enterprise Library using Project Content

Enterprise Library Kit Managers can copy content from a Project Library back into an Enterprise library for use on later projects.

…and much more to come!

Users will continue to see this application evolve alongside the KitConnect for Revit plugin and KitConnect web application. Stay tuned for more improvements in the coming months.   

KitConnect for Revit v3.0.0


 Add users and assign roles directly in Project Admin (web app feature)

Project Administrators can now add users to their project without leaving the KitConnect Project Admin page. Previously, this had to be done from BIM 360.

  Epic performance improvements

We understood how much of a downer the progress bar has been for our users, so we made a concerted effort to improve the all-around performance. Although the changes affect all web-connected features, you will see the biggest performance gains in the following actions:
  • Publish / Update (Module or Assembly)

  • Edit (Module or Assembly)

  • Get Updates (Selected or All)

  • Insert (Module or Assembly)

  A horde of bug fixes 

Our testing and development teams dedicated an entire development cycle to digging up as many bugs as they could find, and squashing them to pieces.

  Database upgrade

All KitConnect-enabled projects in your account will be upgraded to a database on our own KitConnect cloud, hosted by AWS. In addition to improving performance, it will enable us to deliver improvements to the application far more rapidly. This will be required on or before July 31st, 2020. We will be reaching out to you to schedule your upgrade.